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Well it's a throbbing, hot mess they've found themselves in on the resort planet. Another star base, thankfully far enough from the Klingon border. But Fierri is still slamming back shots. She knows she's more sociable with a few in her, and really, that's what the bar is for, isn't it?

She's a thicker, dark woman leaning against the bar. Spots peppered down her forehead mark her as a Trill, despite the few suitors come to court her as a Terran at first glance. They're much more agreeable, and she's not, at least not yet.

"Rush," She greets the woman sidled up next to her now, but there's lowered lashes and maybe a lowered guard too, for her longstanding comrade.
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[ It's strange now, being off the Rebel Priscilla, and so the engineer decides that she won't be. After their debriefing about their release for all charges, Fierri had beelined back to their old Harmony-classed Orion ship in the cargo hold instead of her provided quarters on the Federation starship. In Fierri's mind, she still needed the vessel space-ready in case they needed to evacuate. That and she'd become unaccustomed to sharing with others when it came to the engineering prospect.

She had called both women on her crew to see if either of them wanted to meet up for a debriefing of their own. Rush had returned, but sought to sleep, leaving Fierri alone with her stores and the prospect that perhaps her Major just might show. ]


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